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I sat on the stool in Doc's office, waiting for the results. He had only asked a few questions and performed a small checkup, but I was still nervous of the outcome.

The questions were simple enough.

Name? Pff. Easy. Chris Walker.

Age? 16.

President of the United States? Elijah F. Cunningham, elected back in 2032. This is his third year in office.

Species? There's the kicker. Werewolf. Wasn't expecting that, were you? That's right- you've been in that cryogenic chamber, out since 2017... Well, I'll fill you in in a little bit. Doc was making his way over to me.

"You received quite the blow there Mr. Walker- even with your... state, if I may put it, you had us worried sick. You might be out of any missions for a few days just to make sure your rate of recovery is at a standard pace. What are the odds a thief robbed a store with a silver baseball bat? Personally, I find that very... peculiar,  don't you agree? Well, anyways- your vitals seem to be in a good state and you seem fine to me. Any headaches? Cramps? Nausea?"

All this came out in what seemed like one breath, as Doc stood there with a red face and veins showing on his neck.

I sat there, obviously overwhelmed  by the sudden swarm of words, staring at him. He noticed my stare as he glanced over and muttered a quick apology.

"My apologies, my wife does say I'm very talkative. Even with that- you were just hit in the head a few times with a baseball bat. Uh, it seems to me that you're fine, and please report back to me if you feel otherwise. You may return to your quarters."

I thanked him, stood up and quickly made my way out of the medical ward. Doc Henson gives me the creeps.

I rode the tram back to the living quarters, navigating through the mazelike corridors it was comprised of.

Once I reached my room, I unlocked my door and shut it behind me. I flopped onto my bed and laid there, ignoring my phone as it rang. It had been a long week.

Maybe we should start from the beginning.  The very beginning. Back before GSPA existed,  back before the world went all futuristic.  Maybe we should start in 2017.

--CHAPTER ONE - Induction--

Back in 2017, the world went about its business. Cept, on the 23rd of March, a major scientific breakthrough occured that changed the world. They had figured out the secrets behind cryogenic sleep.

I heard that you were one of the first to volunteer to test it out. I could see why- no family left, a low salary job, and the will to see the future. It was the perfect opportunity.  But it was someone else that made the world change even more so than before, and her name was Karen Willis. She was one of the vollunteers alongside you, one of the first ten. And the only supernatural creature among them.

After around a week had passed the full moon rose. And Karen, being a werewolf like myself, was forced to shift. You see, many complications occurred after that shift. One, her growing form could not fit inside the small chamber, and she actually messed something up inside the machine, and she woke up early.

This was a huge problem, because one- the cryogenic pods were streamed live across the globe, and two- the world had no knowledge of the existance of the supernatural. So basically, planet earth became aware of the existance of werewolves, who soon begann to reveal themselves.

After that, species of supernatural began popping up everywhere- werewolves, vampires, gryphons, dragons- you name it, it probably exists. Except for Bigfoot. That was a load of bull.

Next, there were riots and massacres. The 'dark ages' of the supernatural era. A majority of humans surprisingly accepted and welcomed the creatures, but that didn't mean everyone was accepting. People took arms and started movements, some just went on killing sprees. One country in Africa even went as far as enslaving or executing any supernatural in their country or around it.

I don't want to really get into that period, but it only luckily lasted a year. After that, governments began forming supernatural protection agencies, and even opened schools and provided scholarships for the kids. I was born in 2019, just about the time the GSPA, or Government Supernatural Protection Agency,  was created. It consisted of almost all of the governments across the globe, and it basically ran the world from there.

It is what ran the schools, provided careers, shelter, and protection for us, and even went as far as fighting small wars here and there for us.

Eventually, the GSPA gradually began to lose its power as the world came to accept us, as we did only make up around 4-5% of the overall population. It remained a world power, however, as it ran everything that had to do with the supernatural.

Then they began hiring special operators to take care of any issues in the surrounding area, composed of both supernatural and humans.
In 2030, I had already set my path to becoming a special operator for the GSPA as my main goal. After all, I was born a werewolf, and they provided almost everything for us. I wanted to repay them in some way.

I joined the training program and decided to become a member of their Special Op tadk force, and I finally began my training that I had longed for my entire life. My the age of 14, I was in the top 15 out of over 300 recruits, and me and the others were already tasked in advanced training.

On my 15th birthday I said my goodbyes and moved to the headquarters, where I became good friends with my squadmates Sarah Planter and TJ Markom. Sarah was a dragon and TJ a human, but we all still got along fine.

Me and Sarah eventually formed a relationship and are currently dating, but that's a story for another day. Last month was my 16th birthday, and my latest mission was a flop. Apparently,  a dude decided to rob a jewelry shop with a baseball bat coated in silver.

What I'm concerned about is the threat of guys like this out there- I mean, how in the hell could he have known a werewolf operator,  among all other creatures, would show up? I almost had the prick, but once the first blow hit me, I was out for the count.

A knock on my door knocked me out of my dazed state, and I jumped out of bed and went to the front hall. I owned a small room, one bed and one bath, but I liked it.

I opened the door to find Sarah at the door. She quickly went in for a hug, where I embraced her as well.

"Are you ok? You had me worried sick- I've been trying to call you" she said after she had let go.

"Yeah, sorry bout that. Needed a break from everything, ya' know?" I simply said in return.

She nodded and looked down sadly.

"What?" I asked. "You seem like you're in a bad mood."

"It's nothing, just unhappy with what the world has come to, y'know? Even with us, more and more thugs are apprearing. The guy who attacked you only robbed the jewelry store for the silver." Sarah sighed and flipped her hair back behind an ear. "They're thinking of kicking me out of our squad."

"What? No! You're the smartest out of all of us. I mean, if anything, they'd kick ME off. Especially with my weakness to silver."

"Yeah, well, apparently five dragons are more than enough for the fifteen of us. Me and Kevin Perch are probably being replaced by Jeremy Finch and Katherine Sanders. The two humans who think that they're better than everyone else, of course."

I paced around my small living room thinking about the whole situation. Then, it came to me.

"I'm going to get them to replace me instead."

Sarah stood up from the chair she was sitting in and stared at me with shock.

"What?! No! I can't let you do that!" She half-shouted at me. But I was already gone.

I had entered the tram as the doors shut, and I could see Sarah attempting to chase me down. Another perk of being a werewolf was the increase in stamina, which served me well in this ordeal.

I stepped off the tram at the administration ward and lied to security that I had an appointment with the director, who put the squad together in the first place.

I made my way through the halls until I found his office and let myself in. The director was talking with a man I had never seen before.

"Ah, Chris. I see you received my call. Please, have a seat. We have much to discuss."

The man across from him turned to look at me. He seemed very pleased.

I realized that not only Sarah had called me, but also the director himself. I couldn't bring myself to bringing up the replacement situation just yet- I made up a quick lie to get out of trouble.

"I never received a call, what do you need me for? What's this about?"

Director Charles looked confused. I stole a glance at the man. I couldn't tell whether he was confused or not as well, as his tinted sunglasses refrained me from knowing what he was thinking.

But he was... smirking?

Director Charles broke the silence.

"Then why DID you come here, Chris?"

Ugh. I suck at writing. This is only sort of a test to see if people want more (which I highly doubt lol), and I have a few different story ideas if not. Please critique as you please, Imma need all the criticism I can get if I ever want to improve xI


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